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Client Testimonials

Alison provided me with a family tree that was detailed and gave me great satisfaction. The research uncovered a great family mystery, which was just what I was hoping for and her report gave ideas for future investigation. Alison’s service was excellent, very friendly and she went to great lengths to be exact. Highly recommended.

Mr J. Taylor, Ayrshire

Alison not only gave me a history of my family, but discovered information that I never knew existed. Her work was very detailed and, at the same time, very easy to follow. She was very friendly to talk to and provided a family tree that was most professional. I highly recommend her first class work.

Ms. Jack, Johnstone

I recently asked Alison to investigate a mystery which arose after the death of my father. The name of his mother differed on his birth certificate from that on his marriage certificate – two mothers? Alison quickly looked into it for me, discovered the reason and replied promptly – great service! But sadly, no exciting mystery.

M. Aitken, Kilwinning
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Family History Reports

Choose from one of our family report packages or our tailored research service and we will produce a detailed report on your family history.

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Palaeography & Transcriptions

We can help you translate old documents that use differences in letter formations, colloquial and historic legal terms.

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House Histories

If you live in an old home or converted building the property you live within may have a long and interesting past. We can research your home and reveal it’s past.

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Talks and Tuition

If you are interested in learning more about genealogy Alison can provide tuition and group talks, passing on her experience and training.

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